Fairphone 3 registers one touch as multiple

After three years my Fairphone 3 started registering one touch as multiple which makes it impossible to unlock the phone. See how I solved the problem.

First check out the video I prepared to demonstrate the problem:

To solve the problem I disassembled the display and recognized, that some of the contacts had white corosion on them. My explenation to this is, that the phone got saltwater poured on during my sailing holidays on the north sea.

I cleared all contacts using contact spray. After reassembling the phone it works like on the first day again. The whole repair took me about 15 minutes. I think that you won’t find such an easy way for repairing for any other phone. Thats why the Fairphone 3 got the highest rating on the smartphone repairability and thats what I call real sustainability in the tech area.

Cheers to the next three years without the need to buy a new smartphone.